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What we offer

The following are just some of the many education services we offer:

  • Advice and consulting services to schools.
  • As part of the British Schools overseas inspectorate, G2G is accredited to inspect British Schools overseas. Click here or on the sidebar link for more information.
  • External evaluations of large educational organisations, local authorities, districts and countries.
  • Interactive, lively and enjoyable professional development sessions for staff and teachers that will help to improve their practice.
  • Safeguarding audits to provide an objective scrutiny against the latest Ofsted criteria and expectations.
  • Professional development for schools – tailored to need and including: improving teaching and learning; improving monitoring and self-evaluation; performance management; and managing a subject or department.

Organisations can choose from a range of professional development and support packages or we can design them specifically for their needs.

For more information on our range of education services, check out the links in the sidebar or, to book an appointment or talk to one of our associates, visit our contact page, phone 01753 884298 or email us at jim.mcveigh@g2geducation.com