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School reviews advice and support


Sometimes it is useful to have an external, objective pair of eyes to look at your school.

Would you like an external review of your school from experienced independent consultants?

Are you concerned about how your school might look to an objective observer/ inspector?

Would you like help with your self-evaluation?

We can help in one or more of the following ways:

  • Reviewing your self evaluation and advising on how it can be improved
  • Looking at your RAISE online, inspection dashboard and other data to help identify questions and hypotheses that inspection teams would find
  • A brief review covering any area/ areas that you want
  • Dual observations to help train senior staff and validate your own monitoring judgements
  • Carrying out subject reviews, advice and support
  • Leading workshops for members of the governing body to explain the inspection process and how they will be involved
  • Safeguarding audit, with recommendations
  • We will deploy associates with the most relevant experience for your school or department